The Choir

The beginning of the choir of AVMCC is tied to the beginning of the church itself shortly before 1964 when a group of Christian worshippers emerged within the vicinity of the Chief Magistrate Court, Ikeja.  The first choirmaster of the church was Mr. Festus Ogbu. He was a lay reader and doubled as choirmaster. When Mr. Ogbu moved to the East  in 1967 at the break of the Nigerian Civil War, Mr. A.A. Bassey became the choirmaster. He served in that position for a while before the arrival of late Chief J.O. Rotibi in 1968.

Following the inauguration of the Lagos West Diocese, the Lord Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Dr. Peter Adebiyi appointed late Segun Onabolu as the first Director of Music for the Diocese. Following his death, Mr. Sunday Olawuwo succeeded him as the Director of Music

The AVMCC choir has since grown from strength to strength through rigorous training and dedication of the choristers. Over the years, the choir has successfully presented complex works of major Nigerian and International composers.

Charles Hammond

The Cross Brearer


1.         Mr.Deji Oshun

2.         Mr. Adewale Ashaya

3.         Mr Adewale

4.         Mr Leye Owolabi

5.         Mr. Yinka Kolawole

6.         Mr. Bode Faloro

7.         Mr. Joshua Alawode

8.         Mr. Shina Oyeneye

9.         Mr.Chinedu Osinigwe

1.         Mr. B. A. Coker

2.         Mr. S. O. Olatona

3.         Mr. E. A. Dosunmu (Organist Emeritus)

4.         Mr. Segun Olubanke

5.         Mr. Ebenezar Omole

6.         Mr.Kolawole Hicks

7.         Mr.Michael Olatunji

8.         Mr. Sunday Olawuwo


Assistant Organists

1.         Mr. Festus Ogbu

2.         Mr. A. A. Bassey

3.         Mr. Dotun Oyewole

4.         Chief J. O. Rotibi (Late)

5.         Dr. Ajibola Mesida

6.         Mr.Kolawole Hicks

7.         Mr. Michael Olatuni

8.         Mr. Segun Onabolu     (First Director of music for the Diocese)

9.         Mr. Sunday Olawuwo (Organist and master of the music)