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THE Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades of AVMCC Ikeja were formed on April 8, 1983 with about 88 members and were enrolled with three officers —Mr. Kunle Matan, Mrs. Adesola Esan and Mrs. Febisola Akinrotimi with the help of other officers, when the Ven. Joseph Adepoju (rtd) was the Vicar and the Chaplain.

By 1988, we had not less than 150 members. The Boys’ Brigade of AVMCC was the 31st Ikeja Company, while The Girls’ Brigade was named the 20th Ikeja Company.

Due to the activities and performances of the

Girls and Officers, the Girls’ Brigade was promoted to the 18th Ikeja Company in 1989 at the Maiduguri National Conference; there our girls came 1st at the national level.

By 1990, the Brigades in AVMCC were the focus of attention at the zones, district, battalion and national programmes of Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade from time to time. We had multiple promotions. We are now 1st and 1st Ikeja Companies to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

OFFICERS: Mr Kunle Matan was the first Captain for Boys, followed by Mr. Tony Nweke (now a pastor in redeemed church). Mr. Bayo Adeosun (now late) took over from him. The present Captain is Mr. Ayo Tetede (who joined Brigade as a Company in 1986).

The first Girls’  Brigade Captain was Mrs. Adesola Esan, followed by Mrs. Febisola Akinrotimi in1995. On her becoming the first Girls’ Brigade Adjutant of Ikeja in 2000, Mrs. Adejoke Odeyemi took over the Captaincy. Due to her ill health, Mrs. Eunice Nwabueze became the fourth captain of the Girls’ Brigade.

Mrs. Febisola Akinrotimi was installed as The Second District Commandant of the Girls’ Brigade, Lagos State, Nigeria on September, 2011.


Brigade is a baby of the church and, therefore, it is an establishment attached to the church. From the history (origin story) to the present day.


LEADERSHIP: This is impossible without a guiding vision and purpose. For example, in the Brigade we have an anthem that spells out the philosophy of the humble organisation 

 “Little Boys and Girls’ Brigade.

  Do not cry.

 You will be a leader by and by”

Leadership in the Brigade is not all about holding positions. We execute leadership influence both consciously and unconsciously on a daily basis at home, in the school, office and among our peers. Therefore we need to grow our leadership potentials.

Ranks in the Brigade are as follows:

a.     National —President and the Executives;

b.     State —Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner + Commandant, Adjutant, Captain, Lieutenant, Honorary, Sergeant, Brigadier, Senior Boy/Girl, Junior Boy/Girl, Explorers.

Other Officers —National and Spiritual Father: cv The Lord Bishop of the Diocese is our Spiritual Father.


Grand Patron —Chief N.O. Idowu, who joined the heavenly Brigade triumphant in the year 2010, was our first grand patron.

In December 2013, the Ven. S.B. Akinola (rtd) was installed as the second Grand Patron.


Mrs. Edelere Lukula was the first Grand Patroness. After her, Princess Folasade Dosumu.

Chief Olurunda Akinwande is the Chief Brigadier, while Mrs. F. Adebayo and Lady O. Akinkugbe are Patronesses representing AVMCC Brigade at the state level. We have all other Patrons/Patronesses who are always at their duty posts for brigade in the Church.

Brigade, being an international and interdenominational uniformed organisation,

was established to serve God and humanity through holistic training of young and adolescent boys and girls to become self, disciplined and responsible citizens and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Brigade training is done through four square programmes which cover spiritual development, physical training for good physique, smartness and alertness; Education which includes health-related issues; economics through acquisition, various skills of music; nature; networking service which includes care of the elders, babies, animals, home community, etc.

These four words above make the Brigade different and super than other organisations you think/talk of throughout the world.

Our goal is embraced in our Boys’ Brigade Object. “The advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among Boys and Girls and promotion of the habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self-respect and all that tend towards a true Christian maleness”, and also Girls’ Brigade, “Seek, service and follow Christ.”

To foster unity in Boys and Girls’ Brigade in Nigeria and Africa,

a.     Our church Brigade officers were part of the founding members of the Anglican Communion Brigade in the 1980s. We hosted the first inauguration in 1993.

b.     We were at Abuja for the Bible quiz competition in  2001. We came first and returned home with the cup. In 2013, our Brigade took the leading role at the All-Anglican Brigades’ Conference held in Abuja.

We were in Ghana with other Brigades from Lagos State and other African countries on international Camp at the Methodist University

College, Dansoma, from Wednesday 20th to Monday 25th August, 2008. There we were gathered together to strategise, develop and reason together on how and what to do towards the rebirth and substance of the Brigades in Africa.


In August 2011, together with the association of Methodist Brigade, we went for the same conference in Ghana.

At the Lagos State level, our Brigade took the leading role in the establishment of  affiliate companies of Boys and Girls’ Brigades in all schools in Lagos State in 2009.

Miss Bimbola Boluwaji and Oluwatosin Buluwaji are active members of the Lagos State Brigade Bank.

Growth in AVMCC Brigade since inception in 1993. Many of the members are now in and out of universities and polytechnics, in good jobs and abroad. They are now in the UK, USA ( Florida, Atlanta, Tennessee, etc). Some are chartered accountants, Phd holders in different fields; doctors, those at home in Nigeria.

We, the Brigades in AVMCC have the responsibility of keeping the flag hoisted by our forebears flying higher to greater heights. The lights must not be allowed to go off in our time.

 It is then the brigade’s good name in our church can be restored by our generation. We will not fail because Jesus can never ever fail.

- Caroline Febisola Akinrotimi