Elderly Ministry

What We Offer

1964 - 2014

I JOINED AVMC in 1966 when I got married. My husband had earlier joined the church in 1965. He joined when it was still at the Police College. When I joined, there was a bungalow and people were buying benches, fixing windows and generally contributing towards the church building. It was an industrial church. By the time I came, the Revd. Akinbola was the Vicar in charge of the church.  One feature about the church then was that workers joined from the factory after work. It was not a gorgeous church, unlike now. You can imagine members of a congregation in factory uniforms.

We were closely-knit. Most vicars of the church visited members at home.  Most members were young, with a few elderly ones like the late Mama Ikoku and Mrs. James. 

I remember that in 1967, the women came together under Mrs. James to form the YWCA. The men too formed the YMCA. The growth of the church was rapid. However, many of the members were young and left the church whenever they got transferred in their work places. But as they left, new members also joined.

The Elderly Ministry was started at the AVMCC during the time of the Ven Akinola shortly after the former primate, the Most. Rev. Abiodun Adetiloye  started the Ministry in Lagos in 1999.  The purpose was to ensure that the leadership of the church related fundamentally with the elders who had given their active years in the service of God. At the time, the church had neglected its elders, while paying due attention to widows and children.

The Ministry was launched here at the Vining Hall for the whole of Lagos Diocese. We had so many programmes, and training on how to

handle elders. We got lawyers who could help them with cases on their properties. Every church under the Lagos West was encouraged to start its own Elderly Ministry.

The Ministry is open to any parishioner of the AVMCC who is sixty years of age and above, irrespective of sex, tribe or status. At meetings, members study the word of God, with guest speakers invited to speak on special topics.  Members usually interceded for families, the Cathedral and Nigeria through prayers and fasting for those able to do so.

With its motto aptly captioned: tender, love and companionship,  its mission include “helping discover the seniors or elders to accept and appreciate the tremendous gift that they have to offer, providing a feeling of worth to those limping under the burden of loneliness, a sense of forgiveness to those scared by guilt; assisting elders to cope with old age by letting  them know that even when physically slowing down, Jesus loves them.

 The Cathedral takes good care of its elderly ones through the Ministry. The Cathedral Medical Health Centre attends to members for token fees.

The Elderly Ministry with Mrs. Ayodele Akideinde