It is a matter of fact that three seasons are discernible in any given human life. These are:

  1. The morning season
  2. The afternoon season
  3. The evening session.

In considering the issue of the YOUTH, it tends to have the morning and the afternoon seasons overlapping. It is a generally acclaimed statement to assert that THE YOUNG SHALL GROW.  In the same vein THE YOUTH OF TODAY ARE BOUND TO BE LEADERS OF TOMORROW.

Looking at the topic, THE YOUTH IN THE WORLD, it is expedient that further light be shed on the actual meaning.


  1. THE YOUTH: The state of being young, early life, the period immediately succeeding childhood, an early period of existence. The age bracket falls between childhood and 35 years.


  1. THE WORLD: This is simply this earth Ex. 19:5, Lev 25:23, 1Chor. 29:14, Ps 24:1, Neh. 9:6, Ps. 102:25, Acts 14:15. The world is the system by which the earth is managed. While the earth belongs to God and the fullness therein, the system of the world most of the time does not conform to the desire of God.


  2. They are zealous.
  3. They are energetic.
  4. They are dairing.
  5. They are prone to youthful exuberances.
  6. They are ambitious, sometimes over ambitious.
  7. They are inquisitive.
  8. They are adventurous.
  9. They are prone to peer group influence and pressure.
  10. They are pleasure seeking. Pro.21:17.
  11. They are prone to prodigality. Prov 18:9, Luke 15:30
  12. There is the love of Dress. Is:3:16-24, Matt.  6:28-29
  13. They are self indulgent Num.11:5,15:29
  14. They are prone to sins of youth. Ps 25:7
  15. They are prone to disrespect old age 2 Kings 2:23, Jb. 30:1
  16. They are prone to the danger of older Prophets.  – 1Kings 13:1-25

It is however expedient to clarify that while most of the NEGATIVES of these features are on the on the increase and prevalent as a mark of the end time dispensation, there are certainly EXCEPTIONS as found in Godly Youths.

  1. D.        FEATURES OF THE WORLD: - 2 Cor. 4:4
    1. The gods of this world is the devil. 1 Cor 2:8, 2 Cor 4:4
    2. The world has its course. Eph. 2:2 .
    3. Given the fact that we are evidently in the end time the content of 2 Timothy 3:1-5 basically portray the features of this world.
    4. The Anti-Christ spirit is prevalent.
    5. Corruption, Bastardization, Degeneration.
    6. The wisdom of the world is diametrically opposed to the wisdom of God 1Cor. 2:6.
    7. We equally have the Spirit controlling the world system as distinct from the Holy Spirit 1Cor.2:12.

We as Christian whether Youth or Adult must however be in the World but NOT of the World.

The key preposition is IN and OF. They are two different things.


    1. Joseph – Gen. 39:6 -14, 41:38. Gen.41:46
    2. Josiah– 2 Chor.  34:1-3
    3. Daniel – Daniel 1:8, Dan 6:1-28
    4. Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego. Dan. 3:12-end
    5. Timothy -  2Tim 2:15, 1Tim.4:12-14, 2Tim 1:5, 2Tim 3:15
    6. Samuel in the house of Eli. 1Sam. 2:17-18,26, 1 Sam 3:1
    7. Joash – 2Chro 24:1-2


    1. Be born again, bear Christ’s yoke. Lam 3:27, Matt 11:28-30
    2. Abide in Christ. Jh 15:5-7.
    3. Be purposeful and determined Dan.1:8. Do not conform to the world Rom 12:1-2.
    4. Watch your locations. Ps 1:1, Ps 19:1
    5. Be selective in friendship
    6. Prayer must be accorded a place of priority
    7. Never lean on your understanding. Prov 3:5-8
    8. Beware of older prophets. 1Kings 13.
    9. Discover your God given gifts, vision, and purpose. Romans 12:6-8
    10. Refuse to be distracted, Titus 2:6-7
    11. Never join the multitude to do evil.
    12. Shun every  appearing of evil
    13. Be heavenly conscious and guided.
    14. Do not be moved by what people say about you. Be moved only by God’s word
    15. Wait upon the Lord. Isaiah 40:31.
    16. Let your will be lost in God’s will.
    17. Be a God pleaser,  stop pleasing yourself or people. Gen 1:10.
    18. Be principled but shun popularity
    19. Aim for a higher ground. Keep pressing on.
    20. Get busy for the Lord, do not be IDLE.


Daniel was in the world but chose not to be of the world. The grace of God enables him to achieve this. Little wonder then that he was able to do EXPLOITS. This is equally feasible if we covet it, for it is only then that NONE SHALL BE ABLE TO DISPRESE OUR YOUTH. 1Tim.4:11.