12 WAYS YOU CAN PARTICIPATE ACTIVELY IN THE 2017 HARVEST - By Joy Chinwokwu (Harvest Committee Secretary)


“The Lord will open the Heavens, the storehouse of His bounty to send rain on your land, in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations and you will borrow from none.”


The 2017 Harvest season of the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral began in earnest on June 11, with the Harvest Launch.  Tagged ‘Harvest of Open Heavens’, it promises an overflow of blessings for parishioners and all associates.   As The Good Lord opens His Heavens, we pray that none of us will miss out of the blessings in Jesus name. More importantly, we pray that as we receive material blessings, our souls shall be harvestable on the last day in Jesus Name.

The 2017 Harvest Committee has specially designed this year’s harvest to involve everyone desirous of partaking in service to God. This is important, because it may be difficult to receive from God without giving.   While therefore we encourage ‘traditional’ harvest guests and funders not to ‘retire’  (especially because God will continue to support and enrich you as you give), this year, we stretch out our hands of fellowship to everyone – parishioners, visitors, friends, families to come labour with us and partake in the rain of Open Heavens. You just cannot afford to be left out!   


Below we give you 12 tips on how you can actively participate and activate the Open Heavens to flow freely for you.


  1. Fill our data form: This simply requests your name, phone number and email (if you have one). It helps us to discuss areas of possible participation with you.
  2. Be Our Guest:

Harvest guests and launchers are needed for all harvest events. As a guest, you honour God by your presence and worship and of course with your resources.

  1. Be A Harvest Patron

Harvest patron is a new introduction that enables us to honour distinguished members of the Cathedral and friends from other churches while also providing them the platform to work with us in the Lord’s Vineyard. Harvest patrons rally their network and resources to ensure a bountiful harvest. More importantly, they counsel us and pray with us for a successful financial and spiritual harvest.

  1. Be  A Sponsor

A lot of money is spent organizing the harvest every year. Naturally, you spend money to make money. So much is spent on rentals of all sorts – canopies, entertainment, refreshment, printing and other logistics. Kindly see our list of sponsorship items for your kind support.   

  1. Be A Mentor

Money is important no doubt, but ideas and counseling are invaluable. We would appreciate all mentorship tips from those who are inspired to mentor. It may just be sharing of your experience as a past host or your thoughts on how the programmes could be better executed.

  1. Attend All Harvest Programmes

You don’t want to give just for giving sake? Or do you? Our prayer is that as we sow, our souls will be harvestable. What better way to do this than to partake in spirit filled programmes.

  1. Family Harvest

Be sure to participate in this Year’s Family Harvest. Don’t say ‘No’ or ignore the envelopes.  The Good Lord who has recognised you , will empower you to deliver beyond your imaginations.

  1.      8.       Corporate/Professional Harvest

Please volunteer information about yourself and your profession.

In the same vein, also please rally your organisations for corporate thanksgivings.

  1. National Harvest

This year’s National Harvest is going a notch higher. In the past years, you’ve had a blend of fun and worship. This year, we shall by the abundant grace of God celebrate our God-given nation on Independence Day, Sunday, October 1. 

  1. 10.  All Women’s Harvest slated for September 10

The All Women’s Harvest is designed to celebrate womanhood. It is an opportunity to appreciate our mothers, wives, daughters and sisters and to support them as they come celebrate the goodness of God in their lives and of course, in all our lives. The service promises to host distinguished women from all spheres of life.

11. Youth Harvest

AVMCC is blessed with God-fearing youths who are privileged to be fed with unadulterated word of God.  This year, and for the first time, the youths are totally coordinating all their harvest affairs.

     12. Alma Mater Harvest,

This inaugural Harvest holds on October 15th. It is a beautiful concept that provides the opportunity for old students of different categories of institutions of learning to celebrate and honour their olds schools and to appreciate the goodness of God in their lives. This includes Universities, Polytechnics, etc.

           The Alma Mater Harvest is fundamentally based on secondary schools categorization: The    

           categories include the following:

(a) Anglican Secondary Schools (b) Catholic Secondary Schools (c) Unity Schools (d) State Government Schools (e) Police and Military Secondary Schools (f) Baptist Secondary Schools (g) Private Secondary Schools (h) Other Faith-Based Secondary Schools (i) Overseas Based Secondary Schools (j) Landmark Alumni Celebrations

The event also provides a platform for alumni of other institutions of learning who may be celebrating landmark anniversaries.

  • There are of course so many other ways you can be part of this year’s harvest. The above list is not exhaustive. Please don’t wait to be called. Arise and Shine! It’s all to the glory of God.