Bulletin for Sunday, 14th August, 2022
August 12, 2022
August 18, 2022

AUGUST 28 is around the corner.

Thank you for your enormous support in various ways since the onset of the harvest season.

We, the Youth harvest subcommittee are soliciting for more support for the Youths.

We need your support in the following areas :
1. Donation for the outreach- old but neat clothes, toothpaste, detergents, food items like rice, beans, garri, noodles, spaghetti, sugar, salt, seasoning, sardine, butter, biscuits and more.
2. Donation of money for meals, snacks and drinks for the Youth week activities and harvest day.

We would also like to use this medium to invite our dear Youths (both home and abroad) to be prominently involved in this year’s Youth harvest. Please reach out to me with contact details of your children that fall in this catergory (18yrs to 35yrs)

Some have been listed as special guests and we would be happy to see them and receive their financial support. They will be greatly rewarded in Jesus name, Amen.

God bless us all in Jesus name, Amen.
Much appreciation ?

Chairperson, Youth harvest subcommittee
Temitope Omikunle (07055067933)

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