Lesson 16
October 13, 2023
Lesson 18
October 13, 2023


TEXT: 1 Corinthians 5:1; 9-13.


  1. To teach that anything called immorality must not be found among us, neither are we to associate with anyone who practices it.
  2. To teach the importance of being alert so as not to encourage immorality.


It is when we want to play pranks with the truth that we tend to call a spade another branded name, spade should be addressed as it is. God is holy, all He desires from us is holiness in and out, so, He detest any iota of immoral behaviours. To encourage immorality and to practice it is the same before God, it is therefore expedient we stand aloof from such acts.

Apostle Paul pinpoints the height of immorality that has become norms amidst the so-called believers at Corinth, how on earth would someone be living with his father’s wife? Quote an unquote, someone that is equivalent to his mother! He further advised with stern warnings, not to associate with anyone, more especially in the church that is guilty of immortality.

Sex before marriage is no longer a bad thing today, even so-called sisters, worship leader with her speaking in tongues would still go to sleep with a man that has not married her, how about indecent dressing, are we still against it in the church or we are lowering our alarm gradually because of situational ethics? Apostle Paul wrote, “leave those outside the church for God to judge, let those of us that are within judge ourselves” are we not guilty?


  1. Aside from sexual immorality, list out some other immoralities that people don’t take cognizance of.
  2. From the list, identify one and succinctly suggest the way to avoid it.
  3. Peradventure we’ve discovered any of our members who is guilty, how best should we help him/her to come back to faith?
  4. What should be the advice to younger generations of marriageable age who are eager to secure their relationships, being the only ones that seem to be a serious one for the past years of waiting?


There is no way we can package immorality, the thing is, it is immoral before the Lord. It is therefore better and expedient to walk, live and behave to attract God’s blessings, than to willingly invite His condemnation through immorality.

MEMORY VERSE: 1 Corinthians 6:18.

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