Bulletin for Sunday 5th May, 2024
May 3, 2024
May 17, 2024

Unto you O Lord, I have come to bow my knees in worship and adoration. I have come to return all the praises back to you for all You have done for me Oh God of Harvest. I am not oblivious of the divine victories experienced in the past harvest and confident that you are my hope for years to come.

Just as the firmaments are declaring Your glory. I joined their chorus to say that you are good and Your mercies endures forever. I declare that this season is my Harvest of Good Faith! I enter into the covenant of this year’s harvest through faith and I declare that from this hour and this day forward, a new order of events is starting, that will make all old things to pass away and make all things new, because hope doesn’t disappoint.

I declare in this season of Good Faith for those whose hopes have been deferred and in turn, their heart and faith have been weary and sickly, that their faith in You Oh God will be rekindled. Their heart will be quickened once again so that they can call upon your Holy Name. For those who have lost faith in the government and this Nation, Nigeria that you will restore us and satisfy us early.

Heavenly Father, I receive the refreshing power of the Holy Spirit upon my Spirit man, and my heart is receptive to your leading. Hence, let my life begin to yield good fruits of the spirit. My heart in inclined to things that brings Glory to your name and your Church.

By faith in God, as I gain access into the banquet hall of God, let the banner of the love of God be raised up over my family. I have no partnership or covenant with any other God, therefore His promises over me shall not fail. I will daily enjoy His faithfulness and loving-kindness. May you bless us even as we bring our sacrifices before You. Help us to give willingly and generously unto your holy name. Amen.


Rogation Sunday 2024 comes up on Sunday, 5th May, 2024 in AVMCC at 7am and 10am Services.
Rogation Sunday is a day the Church offers prayer for God’s blessing on the fruits of the earth and the labours of those who produce our food. The word “rogation” is from the Latin rogare, meaning “to ask.” Historically, the Rogation Days (the three days before Ascension Day) were a period of fervent prayer beseeching God’s blessing on the crops for a bountiful harvest.
A prayer for Rogation Day is found on page 258 in The Book of Common Prayer:
Join us as we offer our prayers to God together.
God bless you


Almighty God, Lord of heaven and earth: We humbly pray that your gracious providence may give and preserve to our use the harvests of the land and of the seas, and may prosper all who labor to gather them, that we, who are constantly receiving good things from your hand, may always give you thanks; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.


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