Lesson 4
June 17, 2023
Lesson 6
June 18, 2023

DATE: Sunday 18th June 2023
TOPIC: Reaching Others for Christ
TEXT: John 1:40-49, John 12:20-22

i. To teach that Christ wants us to make disciples of all men
ii. To teach that every Christian should lead someone to Christ
Each time we see Andrew in the gospel, he’s bringing someone to Christ. First,
he brought his brother, Peter. Then in John 6:9, he brought a young child to
Jesus who had five loaves and two fish. Phillip also brought Nathaniel to Jesus
through his persistence (Nathaniel initially had his doubts). And in John
12:20-22, Andrew and Philip led a group of Greeks to Christ.
Andrew brought his brother Peter to Christ, and Peter ended up bringing
multitudes to Christ. The person you share your faith with today, or bring to
church next Sunday, or invite to the nearest House fellowship may be used by
God to do things you never thought possible. There is always an eternal
reward as you point people to Christ by your invitation.
1. According to the text (John 12:22), who brought the Greeks to Jesus?
2. Mention ways that you can bring people to Christ? Bring someone with
you to church service specifically to hear the gospel. Have a Bible study in
your home/office, give gospel literature, Demonstrate the love of Christ,
create a soul winning prayer list, live as example, Mention others.
3. What should we do after bringing them to Christ? Disciple them!
You will never be a soul winner if you never get started Do your part and relax
as God does His part.
MEMORY VERSE: Matthew 28: 19-20

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