March 21, 2024
March 21, 2024

TEXT: LUKE 19:11-13; 1 PETER 4:10

DATE: 24TH MARCH, 2024


  1. To teach that we do not have absolute liberty to live our life the way we want it.
  2. To teach that as we are expected to give proper and accurate report of whatever we choose to do, due to the nature of what we do for living, God is equally expecting more from us. 


Kingdom stewardship is choosing to be responsible for the things of God and devoting our lives to the course and purposes of God’s kingdom. This is entirely different from being a minister or worker in ABC Church or Ministry, it means “doing that your business, working in that your place of work (outside the Church settings) and still live as if you are in a full-time ministry!” The central focus of biblical stewardship is managing everything that comes into your life and your way in a manner that honors and glorifies God. The kick-off point on this is our obedience to the word of God, we must decide to live by the word of God and convert everything the word of God has commanded into action.

The earlier we understand that we are answerable to God, the better it becomes for us to live each day of our lives with consciousness that God is taking the stock of all that we do. He is the master of the kingdom; we are the stewards of His kingdom; we will surely do a recap of all activities that we participated in someday while we await the reward accordingly.


  1. What qualifies someone to be enlisted as a steward in God’s kingdom? Ministry? Collar? Fulfilling membership obligations? Belonging to different units or workforce of the Church?
  2. How can we identify that someone is a steward in God’s kingdom? John 8:31; 15:8.
  3. As stewards operating in God’s kingdom, what should be our focus? Matthew 5:14-16, Galatians 1:24.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: You cannot be a steward in God’s kingdom and find it difficult to do things in God’s way, revealing Christ in what you do should be your priority.

MEMORY VERSE: John 15:16a.

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